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News for May 8 2024

Range closure dates are published on the Events Calendar page.


We need volenteers to help the club out on May 25th to do a highway trash cleanup from the forestry building to the causeway turn off at the 8.2km turnoff. This is a great opportunity to generate funds for the club.


The summer raffle prize will be on display in the mall and tickets will be available online starting May 18 at



Sporting Clays will start on Sundays at 1:30pm from June 9 until Aug. 25 






All Members who are renewing their membership must place the new membership sticker on their gate card and all replacement stickers will be mailed out.  If you do not have it on your card and you are asked by a Club Director and you show them your expired membership sticker you will be kicked off the range. You must be able to prove you have a valid membership and the sticker is your membership card.

If there is more than one member accessing the range in a vehicle you must all swipe your cards as you enter, Junior members excluded.


All Memberships must now be purchased or renewed online.

New Membership access cards will be mailed out or be made available for pickup. 

This will take time and new members should take this into account.

If you are renewing your membership after your expiry date it will take UP TO SEVEN DAYS to reactivate your card DO NOT EXPECT SAME DAY SERVICE so you can have access to the range.

Until your card is activated and you receive an email from the club secretary that your membership is ready, your membership has not been finalized.

It is not completed on the same day as you submit your membership application.

Guest passes are available at the range on the electrical building.

Club Directors are listed on the contacts page.


The Large Bore Range is for paper targets only and placed only on the club target stands at 100m, 200m, and 300m.  No other form of target or target stand is to be used on this range.  If you feel you need to shoot at rocks, shotgun hulls, bottles and cans, or even propane bottles then find a spot off club property to do that.   Violation will result in loss of membership.


A Guest Pass is required by all non-members on the range property.   The cost will be $10 per person and will be available at the Range.  Any member found allowing a non-member on the property without a guest pass will have their membership suspended.  The only exception to this new club bylaw will be when there is an organized (pay to participate) event that is open to the public and there is a shooting fee attached to be able to compete.

A friendly reminder to all members to keep the entrance gate closed and locked at all times and also clean up your spent cases after shooting on all ranges, your membership cost does not include custodial services. 

Range rules that have been changed are the Small Bore Silhouette/Pistol Range will now be Rimfire Rifle/Rimfire Pistol only. A Rimfire pistol only station shall be built next spring. A request to all current members, please take the time to read the range rules posted at each range.